Final Exam on Dec. 8th, Project due Dec. 15th.

As we decided today with an in-class vote, we will conclude the semester as follows:

Dec. 3rd: Ecology wrap-up, Exam Review (bring questions you’d like to cover), remaining Scientist Project (presentations if any), Final Project presentations for extra credit (optional)

Dec. 8: Final Exam. You will have all 2.5 hours of class time if you need it. We will meet at 8am to begin the exam. Around 8:30 a video will be shown that pertains to some of the exam questions. You may use any notes you’ve taken but may not use the textbook, Internet or old exams.

Dec. 15: Final Project due by noon via email. Send over your exhibition plans or lesson plans along with your presentation with accompanying audio or presenter notes so that we will know what you presentation would have been like if it had been presented. If your files are too large to email, use Dropbox, SlideShare, GoogleDrive, Box or some other service to get your materials to us.


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