Due 12/8: Final Project

Here are the Final Project guidelines. All projects should be turned in during class on Dec. 8th or via an email to LesleyBioHomework@gmail.com sent no later than 5pm Dec. 8th.

Choose a field within Biology to delve into, such as immunology, genetic engineering or cancer biology. Try to be as specific as you can to make the project more focused; for example, within cancer biology, you might look into just immunotherapy.

5 Sources: use 5 sources of information to gather facts, concepts, etc. about the field you’ve chosen. You must include 1 book and 1 scientific abstract (you may use 2 of the sources from your Scientist Project if you’d like)
4 Slides: your final presentation will consist of four slides that have no text aside from their titles; these slides should give us a brief “tour” of the field of Biology you’ve chosen.
3 Big Ideas: tell us what you think are the 3 most important ideas in this field. These could be key concepts, major breakthroughs, significant experiments, etc.
2 Leaders: highlight two people in this field (one of them could be the scientist you focused on)
1 Museum Exhibition or Lesson Plan: you will turn in design for a museum exhibit or lesson plan (you decide the grade level); more description of this during class discussion.

Your 4-slide presentation and exhibition or lesson plan will be graded on the following criteria:
Clarity: how clear and well articulated your explanations are; your descriptions in the presentation and exhibit or lesson plan should make good sense to the audience.
Accuracy: the information you present should be free of errors and misinterpretations, making only claims that are supported by materials you have gathered.
Relevance: how much does the information you present relate to the field of biology you are focusing on—if you spend too much time discussing background or digressing into stories about scientists’ personal lives, your relevance score will be negatively impacted.
Depth: how substantially you discuss your topics; while you do not have time to talk or write at length about the field you’ve chosen, your final project should not gloss over important points. Your explanations, though concise, should reveal the key details and your understanding of them.


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