Heredity Worksheet & Central Dogma Assignment Answers

Here are the Heredity Worksheet answers.
Let us know in the comments section of this blog post if something doesn’t make sense.

Central Dogma Assignment Answers:

The genetic code is described as being universal. Describe what this means. All organisms we know of use the Central Dogma to store genetic information and make proteins. 

Is there only one codon for each amino acid in the generic code? Explain why or why not. No, there may be several codons that correspond to the same amino acid, leading to the Genetic Code as being degenerate (having redundancy)

What is it about the genetic code that allows some substitution mutations to be silent? There is redundancy; there can be more than one codon for some amino acids

Nucleotide bases of mRNA are read by the ribosome in groups of

(b) 3

which are called

(a) codons

When does the ribosome stop making a protein from an mRNA?
(b) Once it reaches a stop codon

Match each process to the polymer it produces

_c__ Replication                  (a) Protein
_b__ Transcription             (b) mRNA
_a__ Translation                  (c) DNA

Define each term clearly in one or two sentences


A nonfunctional chromalin protein has all the same amino acids as a normal, properly functioning chromalin protein except it has a leucine where there is normally a proline. What kind of mutation is responsible for this change?

(c) substitution

A nonfunctional nurilase enzyme in an abnormal individual is missing the last 10 amino acids as a compared to a properly functioning nurilase enzyme in a normal individual. What kind of mutation is responsible for this change?

(a) nonsense

What is the sequence of bases for an mRNA transcribed from the template-strand DNA sequence GGCAAGTTCAGCC?


What is the amino acid sequence that the DNA template strand sequence CATACCCTAGGCGA codes for?


Protein: Met-Gly-Ser-Ala


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