New Class times!!!!

These are the new parameters for class structure starting Monday, November 3rd. Beginning Monday, class will start at 8:30AM sharp, instead of 8AM. Please be on time and ready to go at 8:30AM! The grace period for being tardy is 15 minutes, if you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be marked as absent. We will still take a break somewhere midway through the class. The break will be between 5 to 15 minutes long, all depending on class participation. If the discussion is going well, that means we can fly through material faster, which translates to a longer break. If there’s a lot of silence and we can tell that readings aren’t being done, we will have to use class time more wisely and take a shorter break. Makes sense? As always, class ends at 10:30AM. No change there.


Wednesday 10/29 – class begins at 8AM with same structure we’ve been doing this entire semester.

Monday 11/3 – class begins at 8:30AM with the structure mentioned in the above paragraph. This is the new standard from this date on.


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