Scientist Project Guidelines

Alright, so here is what is expected of you for the Scientist Project. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion for those who are unclear of the “final product”. You may choose between 2 things to do and hand in. Again, here are the two choices:

1. Book jacket cover. Create fake book about your scientist and design the front and back of what the book would look like in your eyes. You will be graded on the images used and then the blurb about your scientist and his/her work. There need to be citations either directly on the “back” of the book or somewhere in your presentation of your book. Remember, you will need to do a 3-5 minute presentation on your scientist and present this book jacket to the class. The physical book jacket is what is do on 10/27. If you’re feeling really pumped about it and want to present it on that day, then let Albert or I know and we’ll get it out of the way for you. If not, presentations will start Wednesday 10/29.

2. Flyers on your scientist. You need to make 2 flyers on your scientist letting the community know that he/she will be speaking at an upcoming event. So obviously you will need an image, or more, on your flyer as well who the scientist is and what they will be speaking on. Citations are expected on the flyer itself or somewhere in your presentation. The 2 flyers are due on 10/27, and once again if you want to do your presentation this day, you may. If not, presentations will start Wednesday 10/29.

If there are any more questions on the project please let me know. Ask me before class, at the break, or after class. Shoot me an email if need be ( Thanks!


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