Exam 2, Due 10/22 by 5pm

Here is Exam 2: Fall 2014, bio 1, exam 2, cell biology

Please share any questions you have in the comments section of this blog post since those questions and their answers may be helpful to other students.

Exam Instructions

Answer all of the following questions. Each response is worth up to 3 points unless otherwise noted. You have until 5pm on October 22th to submit your responses to LesleyBioHomework@gmail.com; if you would like to submit handwritten response, please make arrangements to do so during class on October 29th. 

You may use notes, textbooks, the Internet and documentaries.

All responses must be in your own words.

You may consult with fellow classmates, but each student must turn in their own responses written in their own words; if any responses are found to be identical or very similarly worded, all students submitting those responses will receive no credit for the entire exam and may be reported to the Lesley University Academic Integrity Committee.

Plagiarism of any form will also be reported Academic Integrity Committee.


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