Class prep for Wednesday 10/8

For class this Wednesday:

Have the scientist that you are going to report on narrowed down to one. You will also need to have one source chosen that you will be using for your project, and be ready to speak on it. This source can be a book by (or about) your scientist, a TED talk from your scientist, a scientific article from your scientist, etc. If it is something that you maybe have on order like a book, or a scheduled talk that hasn’t happened yet that you are planning on attending, that will pass as a source too. Basically, just be ready to go a little more in depth and have a conversation on your scientist. This will be knocking out one of your three required sources for this project.

For Wednesday as well, make sure you have read all of Chapter 4 up to this point. This outside reading is important guys, as it will make class time painless, and you’ll be able to contribute to the discussion so you can grasp these concepts we will be going over about cells. Cell structure and all the little parts and intricacies can be kind of difficult to understand, as it wasn’t necessarily my strong suit when I took Biology “back in the day”. But if you do the readings, maybe take some notes here and there, ask questions and discuss in class, then it WILL start to become clearer.

See you Wednesday!


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