Week Recap from 9/22 and 9/24 classes

Starting on Monday we discussed the difference between observations and interpretations. You got to watch Todd awkwardly make faces in front of the class and write down what you observed. Using the different plants placed throughout the classroom you did the same exercise to try to distinguish between observations and interpretations. We also took a look at the pH strips we took home and then figured out the pH level of the different substances we took samples of. I found it very interesting going over the different samples and seeing what was acidic and what was basic. Buffers were also discussed and examples of what they do. Finally, in the Monday class, we went back to the Hubris video and related it to macromolecules. We discussed how the milk contained fats and proteins, the orange juice contains sugars, etc.

On Wednesday we started class by talking about sugars in plants and how they’re used. We watched the video of the family that tapped trees on their farm for sap to get sugars that would eventually lead to syrup. After that, we did a group exercise with the twine and students. The students represented different amino acids that were either hydrophobic or hydrophilic, and had to form a correct molecular structure based on how they would react. We saw that the ones that were hydrophobic wanted to stay in the middle to be protected by the hydrophilic. Finally we went over some exam questions from previous years in preparation for Wednesday’s exam.


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