For Class on October 6th

Here’s what is asked of you for class on Monday 10/6/14:

1. Read Chapter 4 in the Biology textbook. If you are unable to finish it all, at least have the first big chunk of it read. For additional non required reading, you can read Chapter 5 (found in Unit 2) of EO Wilson’s Life on Earth. Be ready for class discussion and participation!
2. Have a scientist, or two or three, ready to go for Monday. At least have an exact name ready and a broad topic about them or a general idea of who they are and what they do. Group work on this is also allowed if that wasn’t made clear in class. More guidelines will posted in the very near future on this assignment, but the huge gist of it was written on the board. Also, you do NOT have to go with the scientist’s name that was assigned to you on the little piece of paper that you all got earlier in the semester. Here is the list to choose from:

Robert Weinberg
Susan Lindquist
Elizabeth Holmes
Mahmood Shivji
Franz de Waal
David Bartel
Phil Sharp
David Baltimore
EO Wilson
Howard Berg
Eric Lander
Elizabeth Blackburn
Carol Greider
Jacqueline Barton
Zygmunt Derewenda
Carin Bondar
Diane Fossey
Geraldine Hamilton
Denise Herzing
Sara Lewis
Ellen Jorgensen
Suzanne Lee
Jae Rhim Lee
John Tyler Bonner
Dennis Bray
James Watson
Leroy Hood
Richard Dawkins
Lynn Margulis
Frederick Sanger
Craig Venter
Thomas Sudhof
Edward Wilson


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