Week Recap from 9/15 & 9/17

Hey guys! Here’s your weekly recap from last week’s classes. Just a brief description of what took place. If you missed one of the classes, hopefully this can give you a reflection of what transpired. More questions?… Get in touch with classmates and discuss, or see myself, Lexi, or Albert.

On Monday we started with a video about the father who had to trek his two children to school through some pretty dramatic landscape. We then compared the different forms of water they had to traverse (snow, ice, raging river, etc). Wednesday’s class time also related back to the video during our water discussion. We used the water molecules (red and white magnets) to demonstrate the different bonds formed between hydrogen and oxygen. Make sure you know the difference between covalent, ionic, and hydrogen bonds!! We also had some brave souls stand up and

act as those same molecules and portray what water, ice and steam would look like. Hopefully that gave some transparency to the material that you’ve been reading about.

Monday’s class also had a big discussion on the “octet rule”. Some of that might have been a review from high school, but it is an important concept to understand for this class. 8 (octet) electrons in the outer shell!

We touched on the hierarchical organization of living systems. Atoms –> molecules –> organelles –> cells

Wednesday’s class continued with the properties of water, and specifically touched on cohesion, adhesion, hydrophobic and hydrophilic. We watched the Hubris video which involved the bowl of milk and cereal and the glass containing orange juice being dropped out of midair. There were a ton of properties of water being shown there, including cohesion of the liquids themselves, and also adhesion of the milk to the cereal. Something cool I read in the textbook about the terms hydrophobic and hydrophilic, which personally helps me distinguish between the two: The Greek translation for hydrophobic is “water fearing” (hydros meaning water and phobos meaning fearing), while the Greek translation for hydrophilic is water-loving. ❤

On Wednesday we started our discussion on acids, bases, and pH levels. You had an assignment related to this, which was to take home three pH strips and dip each one into a different liquid of some sort. We talked about how the change in hydrogen ions made something either more or less acidic and how to represent the acidity level. We learned that pure water has a pH level of 7 (pH7). The pH scale is a way to just express the hydrogen ion concentration in the solution.

Well, that about wraps up the majority of what we talked about in class last week. Thanks for all of the great participation that’s been going on in class. This shows that you are doing the reading that is assigned outside of class and that you are “wrestling” with the material. Make sure you are aware of your scientist’s name that you chose, because that’s what we will be using to spark some discussion out of you guys!

PS Here are the slides we used in class for our Chemistry discussion


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