For Sept. 22nd: pH paper, biological macromolecules

pH paperFor class on Monday Sept. 22nd, please do the following:

  • Bring in your 3 strips of pH paper you’ve used to test the pH of different things. As mentioned in class, be mindful of what you’re using the pH paper on (for example, if you’re testing the pH of Gatorade, take a drop of remaining liquid from a bottle you’ve finished drinking out of); remember, pH paper is a lab material that is composed of or has been in contact with chemicals that you do not want to ingest. Keep track of which liquid/material you used each strip to test; for example, if I use one strip to measure the pH of Gatorade, I could tape the strip of pH paper (once it’s dried) into my notebook and write “Gatorade” next to it.
  • Read chapter 3 of Biology. Be familiar with the four kinds of macromolecules described in this chapter and ready to answer questions like the following:
    • What is a monomer? What’s a polymer?
    • What are the roles each macromolecule has in a living organism?
    • What are the different levels of protein structure and how are they related?

As usual, we’ll hold class discussion assuming you’ve read the textbook, spending time on clarifying questions you have and talking about key concepts through examples.


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