Review of key topics and concepts

So up to this point we have had three total classes together. I thought I would gather some of the more important things we have gone over thus far in the Biology 1 course. Hopefully this is helpful to you guys.

Inductive vs. deductive reasoning. It can be a tricky topic and one the can get a little hairy. Just remember that deductive happens when you go from more general information to the more specific. Example: Every day I leave for work in my car at eight oclock. Every day, the drive to work takes 45 minutes I arrive to work on time. Therefore, if I leave for work at eight oclock today I will be on time. So think of it as a “top down” approach. Inductive is more of a “bottom up” approach where you move from specific observations to broader generalizations. Example: Today, I left for work at eight oclock and I arrived on time. Therefore, everyday that I leave the house at eight oclock, I will arrive to work on time.

We also discussed the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. A hypothesis is an educated guess, based observation. It can be disproven, but not proven to be true. A theory however summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing.

We learned about properties of life and watched one of my favorite videos of all time about the plastic bag and its travels to the Pacific Ocean. Keep in mind that the properties of life are as follows (and in no particular order): growth, ability to reproduce, homeostasis, organization, metabolism, adaption, and response to stimuli.

Here are the slides we looked at in during class: Scientific Inquiry & Life discussion.

You can look at slides from previous semesters (which contain key terms and definitions) by going to


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